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Long-Trodden Trail to Montgomery

Town touts its charms and historic pride


The National Park Centennial in Texas

People preserve history and natural beauty at these timeless destinations

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Texas National Parks and Attractions

Travelers can find scenic beauty at each of the 16 National Park Service sites in the state

Texas History

Borderlands Shrine

Immaculate Conception Cathedral in Brownsville stands as a spiritual and historic landmark

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Rio Grande Valley Civil War Trail

Experience 19th-century Texas history in person and through a virtual tour


The Smartphone Road Trip

Mobile technology transforms travel


Travel Technology at a Glance

Apps and smartphone functions that can make your travel easier

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Quinta Mazatlan: Mother Nature’s Mansion

This World Birding Center site in McAllen offers natural beauty in historic setting


The Road to Summer

The search for cool water often defines a summer getaway

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Drive-By Chronicles

Make your way from Sam Houston to Bugs Bunny, one historical marker at a time

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