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Texas Historical Commission

Hit the Road

Drive-By Chronicles

Make your way from Sam Houston to Bugs Bunny, one historical marker at a time

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  • Hit the Road

    East Texas Autumn

    Martin Dies Jr. State Park: Nature preserve near Jasper beckons as trees along B.A. Steinhagen Lake sprinkle Piney Woods with bursts of fall colors

  • Hit the Road


    How a kids’ book character helps draw noted author and illustrator William Joyce and the National Center for Children’s Illustrated Literature to West Texas

  • Hit the Road

    Drawn to Sweets

    Abilene confectionary appeals to the Art Atchinson Aimesworth in all of us

  • Hit the Road

    Fort Stockton

    Just south of Interstate 10 lie remnants of namesake Army base and resting spot for frontier travelers


    Fredericksburg: Hangar Hotel

    A stay at the Hangar Hotel is a journey to another time and place

  • Hit the Road

    Victoria: Fossati’s Delicatessen

    Fossati’s Delicatessen, billed as the oldest in the state, boasts menu items and captivating tales from another century

  • Hit the Road

    Laguna Madre

    Offshore cabins put guests right where the fish are and offer a peaceful setting off the beaten path

  • Feature

    The Magical History Tour: Part I

    Follow your inquisitive spirit along the Texas Heritage Trails

  • Feature

    A Real Jaw-dropper

    Flat-out amazing: Majestic Palo Duro Canyon floors the imagination

  • Hit the Road

    Pearl Bluegrass Jam

    Monthly gathering is a regular reunion of bluegrass musicians, fans

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